Services / Tjänster

We can offer you following services / Vi har följande tjänster:

Project management

Examples of areas in we can offer certified project managers:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Civil engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Nuclear industry
  • Refinery and Chemical process industry
  • Contract Management
  • Automotive industry

Mechanical design

  • Construction of large and complex geometries from eg. blue-prints
  • Construction of calculation models
  • Construction of special tooling for repair & inspection for eg. nuclare industy
  • Design and build mockups for training of staff
  • Development tools pirmary Creo 2, Inventor

SQUG walkdowns

Bevion has certified SQUG (Seismic Qualification Utility Group) engineers.

The SQUG group has developed an experience-based method to provide a practical, cost-effective alternative to shake table testing and dynamic analysis to seismically qualify equipment for use in nuclear power plants

Augmented / Virtual Reality

  • Make your product come to life with AR, a new way of communication on mobile devices
  • Use VR for Ergonomic and Training studies with high impact

CGI and 3D Animation

  • Compelling images for marketing and educational material
  • Create images from CAD data before physical product exists
  • Enhance your instructions and educational material with animations
  • Create animations and motion graphics of your products

FEA advanced structural mechanics

  • Structural integrity
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Cracks – cause and evaluation
  • Vibrations and dynamics

CFD advanced fluid mechanics

  • Long experience in LES, RANS and URANS
  • Evaluation/design
  • Root cause analysis
  • Large and complex flow analysis (+100M cells)

FSI advanced flow

  • Dependent on complexity:
    • 1-way FSI (CFD mapped on FEA)
    • 2-way acoustic FSI (wave propagation)
    • 2-way iterative FSI (full FEA/CFD)
  • FIV – flow induced vibrations
  • Evaluation of flow induced damping

Method develpment

  • Participates in international benchmarks and conferences
  • Development of routines/scripts/etc.
  • Thesis works